Friday, September 23, 2005

Technology Outcomes and PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for creating high impact presentations. Technology outcome P. 3. 4. 1. requires students to independently select and use multimedia capabilities for presentations in various subject area. One assignment for grade 10 English students is to create an original multimedia presentation utilizing visual, audio and written material in order to convey the meaning of a poem. Students could easily create an effective and impacting presentation using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is designed to include, not only visual presentations, such as graphics and written text, but also to incorporate audio and hyperlink. The resulting presentation would draw upon learning from across the curriculum. Due to the graphic nature, balance, composition, line, texture and placement for directing eye contact all come into play. This pulls from both art and science. Language skills are necessary for spreading out content so it is not only relevant but also concise and structured. The possibilities are endless – no longer do film slide projectors and overhead projectors need to be coordinated and fiddled with during the presentation. PowerPoint is a powerfully inclusive program that can help teachers and students meet the SLOs for Communication and Information Technology.


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