Friday, September 23, 2005

Addressing Technology Integration

Good technology integration is when... a teacher can comfortably navigate PowerPoint during a lesson and the PP presentation is clear, not too fancy, contains key words and highlights key point. I personally like this approach because I find the visual helps me to stay focused and that if I am taking notes and I don’t know how to spell a word new to me, but is a key word for the lesson, I don’t need to worry, I can just copy it down. Where technology can go wrong is when the presenter is unfamiliar with the technology, the mouse is all over the place, the graphics are too distracting. It can be difficult to stay focused. I would suppose funding and allocation of available funds to be the greatest barrier to integrating technology in the classroom. Teachers, even with the right know-how, cannot utilize technology efficiently without the right tools.

On Thursday morning my partner and I had our first miniteach. We used PowerPoint, I found it easy to set up. One thing I really do appreiciate about PP is the last minute changes that can be made, very last minute. It is also a great tool for keeping you on task during the presentation. As the key points are present there is not very much straying off topic.
Also, the slides can be printed off into a convienent handout.


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